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About Us

We will provide an online map for car services in Lithuania and later maybe other European countries

Autopia - the first Lithuanian autos- services map, created especially for you.

Autopia- informative auto-services map! We are not prepared for surprises on the road, and especially do not know what should we do being in another city. In this case, we would like to help you to discover/find necessary auto-services located nearby you, precisely when they are most needed.

Your car is damaged or broken down?

Find/discover the nearest auto-service!

You are looking for the necessary auto parts/fittings?

Make phone calls to the nearest auto dumps and auto-services shops!

You would like to buy or to order a car? You want to buy or to order a car?

Find/discover auto trading company/ wholesale company in your city!

Your car is damaged or broken down on the road?

Find out the nearest breakdown assistance companies on the road!

You have the company, which can advertise its services on the map?

Register now!

You engage in other auto related services? You want to be exclusive on the map?

Get in contact with us!